OHP Patients Without Doctors

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EUGENE, Ore — A number of Oregon Health Plan patients covered through Trillium are being told they don’t have a doctor.

They say it’s a because of the Affordable Care Act, that went into effect in January.

Trillium leaders say there’s a major influx of Oregon Health Plan patients compared to the number of primary care providers in Lane County.

There are 311 primary care providers in Lane County.

Trillium leaders say it’s tough for them to handle the influx of thousands of new patients.

A spokeswoman for Trillium says they knew over a two-year period they would see about 26,000 new OHP members, but she says since January 1st there’s been about 19,000 new OHP members.

“Other Oregon Health Plan recipients were identified when they went onto the Cover Oregon website to sign up for insurance based on their income, they found they qualified for the Oregon Health Plan. So there are a lot of people that didn’t have access to health care at all before that now do,” said Debi Farr, Trillium spokeswoman.

She says they’re working to solve the doctor shortage but it won’t be an easy fix.

Debi Farr says they’re working on recruitment and a potential residency program, so they can open up access sooner rather than later.

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  1. dj barber says:

    Wow! “Other OHP recipients were identified, went on to Cover Oregon to sign up and found they qualified for OHP” said Debi Farr.
    So Trillium wan’t expecting the qualified to sign up in January? ACA requires coverage as of January. Did Trillium miss that?

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