OLCC Alcohol Sting in Springfied

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Seventy-five percent of Springfield businesses aren’t breaking the law when it comes to selling alcohol to minors. That number still isn’t what the Oregon Liquor Control Commission calls ideal.

Eugene police cadets took their underage drivers licenses to 32 randomly selected Springfield businesses.

Of those, eight sold to them–that’s means 25 percent broke the law.

“We I.D.” is plastered all over the Far Man Restaurant in Springfield, but recently that didn’t happen when one of the cadets was served a drink.

“It is a hard lesson to learn, yes it is. Nobody want it to happen, but sometime we slip up because it does happen. So now that we got the knock on the door, we are more aware of things,” said Far Man Restaurant employee Sunny Boudavong.

All employees carry calculators, but now the restaurant is buying a machine that checks your I.D.

“I believe it is a good thing that they check it randomly that way we are on top of things,” Boudavong said.

Far Man is one of the eight businesses that sold alcohol to a minor in a recent sting of 32 businesses.

“For the first fail, the fine can be as high as $1,650 for an administration violation for the person who served it can be a furnishing citation,” said investigator Mark Jaehnig.

Courtsports, known for its family atmosphere, also sold to a minor.

“Someone very capable it happened to, so making sure we pay attention to all the factors, we know we need to pay attention to so that this doesn’t happen again,” said Rachel Sanders of Courtsports Athletic Club.

The other six were Buffet City, Eirinn’s Bistro, Lee’s Mongolian Grill, Memos Mexican Restaurant, Centennial Steak House, and Dari Mart Store #1 on M Street.

“The majority of the checks in Springfield they did look at the I.D. first and made the sale anyway,” Jaehnig said.

It’s a lesson learned the hard way, but OLCC says hopefully one that helps keep drinks out of the hands of minors.

OLCC says it would like to see the percentage sit around 85 of those not selling to minors, so this tells it there’s more education to be done in the community about what do look for when checking those I.D.s.

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