Old Candles Recycled Into New Wax

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EUGENE, Ore. — What do you do with candles you don’t want or candles you’ve used but they aren’t looking so good? You don’t have to throw them away. They can be recycled.

St. Vincent de Paul has intercepted 20,000 pounds of unwanted candles that almost ended up in California landfill.

The candles were delivered to Aurora Glass where volunteers sorted them according to color.

The next step: Melting the wax. Chris Jenkins works with small batches. The wax goes into an old restaurant steam kettle. It’s a slow process. It takes about an hour to melt.

Jenkins moniters the temperature. It can’t be too hot when it comes time to pour. Once the wax is melted and strained, it’s time to fill the bread pans.

What you end up with is a bar of wax with no wick. Each brick weighs about two pounds and can be used for craft projects, like making your own candles. Choose your color and your scent.

The wax blocks are sold at St. Vincent de Paul retail stores on Chad Street and also Division Street. As far as recycling wax, you can bring unwanted candles to any St. Vincent de Paul store.

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