Old Clothes, New Aprons

EUGENE, Ore. – A Eugene woman makes the most of old clothing, using unwanted shirts and skirts to make wearable art, in the form of an apron.

Anna Lawrence, owner of Anna’s Haute Aprons, has been sewing since she was 9 years old; but, it was only five years ago she discovered a creative and green outlet.

It started out a wedding gift idea for her cousin, then it’s blossomed into a way to put her sewing skills and fine-arts degree to good use.

She believes the forgotten pieces of cloth are the perfect canvas.

“Here is a beaded skirt and it has sequins on it and it’s very unique and I call it a gypsy style and you can’t find fabric like that. So I have a wonderful palette to start this apron off on,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence attends several events every year, but can also found regularly at the Eugene’s Saturday market.

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