Old Siskiyou County Sawmill Re-Opening

Siskiyou-Saw-MillYREKA, Calif. – After decades of mill closures and shutdowns, a new sawmill is being built in Siskiyou County. Fruit Growers Supply, which for more than a hundred years has owned thousands of acres of timberland in Northern California, is reviving a vacant mill site east of Yreka.

Trucks are already bringing in small-size logs to the site of the former High Ridge Timber Company. Fruit Growers Supply is turning the vacant mill site into a new $30 million sawmill designed to convert tree tops and small trees into material for pallets used in the citrus fruit industry.

They’re also recycling much of the concrete and other former mill structures and facilities. New truck scales are being installed and old wood and concrete waste is being recycled. Project Engineer Larry Jellison says this will be a high-tech facility using material that up to now has gone up in smoke.

Yreka Chamber Executive Director, Kory Hayden says, “We’re very pleased to have this entity developing here in Yreka. It goes back to our fundamental roots in an industry that once really made Yreka vibrant.”

Jellison says they hope to have the new mill in operation by the first of this next year.

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