Olive St. Closes Between 12th and 13th

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EUGENE, Ore. — Olive Street was closed between 12th and 13th avenues Monday and could remain closed for the next six months.

Eugene Public Works says about 5,600 vehicles travel on Olive Street between 12th and 13th avenues daily. But that stretch closed Monday and those drivers will have to take an alternate route.

“I can definitely understand how people trying to get onto Olive, trying to turn on to 12th, and trying to get over there totally could be an issue,” said Vince Marucci, Big City Gaming employee.

Those issues of trying to navigate downtown Eugene are directly tied to the construction of the Capstone Collegiate Communities, a future housing project for college students.

Even though parts of Olive street will be off limits to most, it will still get plenty of use.

“We’ll be offloading semi trucks. We’ll have overhead loads. We’ll have mass concrete pours with pumper trucks,” said Tom Larsen, City Traffic Engineer.

Public works also says that cranes being used for construction could potentially drop equipment and create an unsafe area for travellers. The detour’s really all about safety.

“We put up the traffic control devices on purpose. All of our signs and all of our directions, pay attention and drive safely,” Larsen said.

Some businesses near the construction site are worried construction might hurt business. Others are trying to find the bright side and embrace their potential new neighbors.

“It’s maybe a little harsh on the business just for right now, but in the long run I think it’s for the better,” Marucci said.

Employees at Big City Gaming like the idea of a building full of potential customers moving in.

“We’re gonna have a lot more students around, it’s gonna be good business for us since we’re right around the corner,” Marucci said.

Eugene Public Works hopes the construction will only cause Olive Street to be closed for about six months.

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