Olive Street to Close for 6 Months

EUGENE, Ore. — A downtown city block will be closed for the next six months while crews work on a major construction project.

People who use Olive Street for their downtown commute might need to make some alternate plans.

Starting Monday, Olive Street will be closed from 12th to 13th avenues.

Signage is already lining the street to let drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians know about the upcoming closure.

It’s all to make way for a major housing project by Capstone Collegiate Communities.

Traffic engineers say the six-month shut down is basically to keep everyone safe with overhead cranes and heavy equipment frequenting the area.

“Somewhere between 60 and 100 trucks will approach the site and leave, so if you imagine we’re unloading lumber and ply wood off a semi-truck. We might not finish unloading that today. The truck might still be there,” said Tom Larsen, Traffic Engineer.

While this might seem like a lengthy closure, traffic engineers might argue it’s much shorter than other large projects.

The Charnelton closure during the Lane Community College construction was nearly a year to a year and a half for half a block.

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