On the Move? YMCA Considers 4J Property

3-14 ymcaEUGENE, Ore. — No Civic Stadium, no problem. The Eugene Family YMCA is moving forward on another 4J property as it continues its search for a new home.

The YMCA is working to acquire the land where the Roosevelt Middle School currently sits. The 4J School District will eventually replace the school and could move part of the property.

The 4J Superintendent is expected to recommend to sell, trade or lease that land to the YMCA.

This could be a lengthy process, so YMCA directors are hoping this land acquisition moves quickly, so they can start fundraising.

“Unfortunately what’s happening right now is because we have such an old facility, a lot of our resources are being pulled into the direction of maintaining an old facility rather than being invested in our mission and cause,” said Julie Grossman, YMCA Assoc. Exec. Dir. “We need to stopgap that and make sure that doesn’t continue on.”

The 4J School Board has to sign off on any plans. A final agreement may not be ready until June.

4J will roll out plans for the new Roosevelt during an April meeting. Some of those plans will include a footprint for a new YMCA.

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  1. Leah says:

    What happened to the plans to construct a YMCA in the Bethel area?

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