One Dead in Pedestrian Vs. Motor Crash

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Police have identified the victim in Saturday morning’s crash as 33-year old Travis Alverson.

Investigators still don’t know why he was out by the road so late.

Around 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning police say 33-year old Kiyallah Heatherstone of Fall Creek was traveling east bound on Highway 126 when he struck Alverson at 52nd Street.

Police say Alverson hit the wind shield and flew over the car.

Alverson was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officers don’t know where exactly Alverson was walking when he got hit and say it’s uncommon to see pedestrian crashes so close to the highway.

“Pedestrian crashes are not uncommon but for the most part we see a lot more of them at least here in Springfield in the Main Street area where there’s a lot of foot traffic.,” said Officer Robert Conrad, Springfield Police.

Heatherstone was charged with a DUII and police are still waiting for his blood alcohol test results.

Heatherstone was booked in the county jail.

If you witnessed anything call Springfield police.

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