One Dead In Springfield Motel Fire

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A woman was found dead in a Springfield motel room that was engulfed in flames early Sunday morning.

The fire was contained to just this one room and no one else was injured.

It happened at the McKenzie Motel near 17th and Main Street in Springfield. Witnesses say they saw the flames up close because they live just across the street.

Fire officials responded to the fire around 12:45 Sunday morning. They say a room in the motel was fully engulfed in flames. When they got it contained, they found a woman’s body inside.

Investigators say three other people were also in the room but made it out of the back window safely.

“I was surprised to hear that 3 people actually did escape because it was engulfed enough to where I don’t see how anyone could make it out of there,” said Rebecca Livingston-Stone who lives across the street and witnessed the fire.

Eugene-Springfield Fire and Springfield police are still investigating the incident.

The woman’s identity has not been released yet.

We reached out to the McKenzie Motel but they declined to comment.

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