One Week Left to Register to Vote

EUGENE, Ore. – Lane County voters have one more week to register to vote during May’s elections.

The voter registration deadline is April 30. Eligible Oregonians can even make the process easier by registering online.

Lane County voters will decide the fate of three big issue on this year’s ballot for elections in May.

Voters will decide to pass a public safety levy that would raise money for the sheriff’s office. The levy would mean a tax of 55 cents per $1000 of assessed property value and would reopen 120 jail beds.

Also on the May ballot is a bond measure that would raise $170 million for the 4J School District. The money would go to building three new schools and to improvements of technology and security at all schools.

Eugene voters will decide if they’ll pay $10 a month to help the city cover a multi-million dollar hole in its budget. The fee would help maintain services to a number of departments including fire, police, parks, pools and libraries.

If the measure passes, It would last five years and an oversight committee would review it each year to ensure accountability.

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  1. Postone says:

    And after you pass these three big issues, next year or the year after the powers that be (who refuse to save, invest, be frugal, with taxpayer monies, etc…) will be asking for yet more money!

    This is how our educated elected officials run the county and city of Eugene. This is all they know other than to spend, spend, and spend taxpayer monies irresponsibly! People who have absolutely no vision, common sense, or integrity what-so-ever!

    I just read about that woman in the news a few days ago (can’t remember her name right now) who wanted a raise to $175,000 at a time when the county has no money and talking about a levy for the Sheriff’s department to open more jail beds. She already makes six figures, apparently that isn’t enough! This is who these people are, this is what they’re really made of.

    They don’t care about the people they were elected or hired to represent! Its about me, me, me and me!

    If you want more money get a second job selling shoes, you arrogant, immoral, greedy, liars!

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