Opening Statements Begin in Murder Trial

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EUGENE, Ore. — The courtroom was full Friday morning as Lane County Deputy District Attorney David Schwartz began his opening statements.

Schwartz painted a picture of a mother who quickly became concerned about her son when he didn’t come home or call on¬†August 3rd, of 2012.

He said Rose Gutierrez knew her son 22 year-old Celestino Gutierrez Jr. had gone out the night before to a bar, the Brew and G, on Highway 99.

Schwartz says 58 year-old David Ray Taylor and his accomplices,  Mercedes Crabtree and A.J. Nelson set up a trap to lure Gutierrez back to their home, where they murdered him.

Schwartz said Crabtree and Nelson staged an argument in the bar parking lot.

Then Nelson drove off, leaving Crabtree stranded.

Schwartz says Gutierrez offered Crabtree a ride home and Taylor was waiting for him inside.

“The defendant and A.J. Scott Nelson draw firearms on Mr. Gutierrez. They bind him and a belt and while Ms. Crabtree is watching proceed to pound cross-bow bolt into Mr. Gutierrez’ head,” said Lane County Deputy District Attorney, David Schwartz.

Schwartz says the two men then choked Gutierrez to death with a chain and dismembered his body, all so they could use Gutierrez’ car to rob a bank in Mapleton the next day.

The defense attorney didn’t dispute many of the things the prosecution stated.

Though he did say A.J. Nelson was the one who murdered Celestino Gutierrez and that Crabtree didn’t immediately come forward, but then seemed to change her story.

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