“Operation Santa” Helps Families in Need

EUGENE, Ore. — Bi-Mart held its annual “Operation Santa” event Monday, helping local families in need.

A total of 72 families at the Oakwood Manor apartments on Oakpatch Road in West Eugene got a little help this holiday season.

Santa and his elves delivered everything from toys, clothing, household supplies, and food this afternoon.

More than 100 children received a toy from their wish list and a complete clothing outfit.

Santa and his elves also handed out food boxes, which included all the fixings for a family feast.

The families say they’re grateful for the extra help. “We don’t get a chance to purchase treats and things like that and it’s nice to be able to get these kinds of treats,” said recipient John Webster. “A lot of times we’re focused on maintaining the essentials and it’s nice to be able to get a treat so we can really make an amazing Christmas dinner.”

Families also received a laundry basket with household supplies and gifts for the family.

The gifts totaled over $15,000, all of which came directly from Bi-Mart employee donations.

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