Opinions on Possible Corvallis Walmart

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Walmart announced they will open a neighborhood market in Corvallis in 2013.

Some say it’d be a convenient addition, while others think it would hurt the small town feel.

Walmart plans to open a new “supermarket” style store on 9th Street next to Office Max.

“I think it would just be fantastic if we had something like that here,” said Virginia Tallman.

“Absolutely, I love Walmart. I have three kids and it’s one-stop shopping,” said Karen Russell.

“I like Walmart because it’s cheaper there usually and their clothes, I like their clothes,” said Brianne Noonan.

Others say a Walmart is not what Corvallis needs.

“I do not want a Walmart in Corvallis, and what I’m most interested in is living in a small, healthy community,” said Susan Cleary.

“I personally don’t want one here. I really support local businesses, and when Walmarts go into communities, they seem to kind of eventually shut down the smaller stores because they offer such low prices up front,” said Jennifer Moreland.

Some aren’t even sure what to think.

“It’d be really nice having one in town just for certain things that I want to buy that I have to go all the way to Target in Albany to get, but at the same time I know it’s a big corporate chain and I don’t know so much how I feel about that,” said Elizabeth Howeth.

The planned location for this new store is close to several other grocery stores like Market of Choice and Grocery Outlet.

Managers at Grocery Outlet say they’re not worried they’ll lose business.

“We welcome them. It’s free enterprise. This is what America’s all about. We’ve been here 25 years in the community. We have a very loyal customer base, and we’re a family-owned operation. We are very involved in the community. We have very competitive prices, and I think we’ll compete very well head to head with them,” said Grocery Outlet Bargain Market Owner Terry Neumann.

Many hope the public will be able to comment about a Walmart coming to town.

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  1. lvh44 says:

    Wal-mart an American disaster they will destroy competition even some Large stores . Shop anywhere but WalMart.

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