Opportunity Eugene Discussions Continue

EUGENE, Ore. — Finding a permanent home for the homeless was the topic during public comment at the Eugene City Council meeting Tuesday.

Councilors talked about the Opportunity Eugene plans. They heard testimony from homeless service providers like St. Vincent de Paul and ShelterCare.

“People starving, or people not getting the proper medicare, that’s not your fault. But you put a dent in that by doing something by allowing people to take care of themselves,” said one resident.

Councilors have yet to commit to anything, including a possible site, but talks are continuing.

“The manager’s word was soon. They’re going to bring back a package soon, packet soon, probably next week, that gives more specifics regarding what it would entail to move forward with one of the properties recommended,” said Pat Farr, Eugene City Councilor.

The city is currently considering five sites, all of which are city owned.

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  1. no exceptions says:

    I agree that every city in America needs to seriously address the needs of low income housing and the homeless.

    I would like to propose that the people living in these home opportunities be drug tested on a regular basis to continue receiving their assistance and subsidies for Housing, Electricity, Phone services, Bus passes, Child Care, Cash assistance along with the Oregon Trail Cards, Medical Care, Library cards,

    If I missed anything I am sure I would rather I did not know of it. The above named services and hand outs are not RIGHTS they are PRIVILEGES. They are being PAID FOR by other people without any control over where the money is actually going.

    I know I speak for the majority of citizens when I say that the First Caveat to receiving the above mentioned items should be mandatory drug testing and monitored alcohol use or abuse. These Privileges should be earned just as a paycheck needs to be earned by the people paying the bills.

    When…WHEN is this discussion going to be addressed in the Eugene City Council. WHEN???

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