Opportunity Village Proposes a Plan for a Homeless Community

EUGENE, Ore. — Opportunity Village Eugene is trying to find a place for the homeless members to stay on a semi-permanent basis.

About a dozen people gathered at Cesar Chavez Elementary School, Tuesday night, to learn why homeless advocates are pushing for this village.

The community would be a gated and have continuous oversight. Transitional housing would offer a start for about 30 individuals, who have gone through background checks.

Homeless advocates said there is high need for this type of camp because there are already a number of homeless roaming that area and would give a central place to stay.

Many who attended at the meeting were parents of children at the elementary school, who worry this isn’t the right venue.

“We’re hoping we can be an asset to the school, and I would not involve myself in anything where I thought there was a danger to the child.” said Ann Kelvin, a homeless advocate.

“There’s individuals who are interested in the idea and they want to get our parents and our families connected,” said Cesar Chavez Elementary School Principal Denisa Taylor.

The next step is for the city to look at the legal issues with the land.

There’s going to be another meeting Tuesday July, 24.

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