Optimistic Job Seekers Attend LCC Fair

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EUGENE, Ore. — The new jobs report is out, and it looks like the economy is steadily getting stronger.

Lane Community College held its annual Job Fair Thursday. Coordinator’s say the event is put on to help students and community members meet local employers in the area, with the goal of starting a career right out of school.

There were 35 employers at the fair Thursday, and most of the fields represented matched up with programs offered at Lane. Last year, more than 500 people looking for jobs attended, and many were offered positions.

In a recent report, the US Labor Department said new applications for unemployment benefits are almost at the point they were at pre-recession. In Oregon, the Employment Department says job growth is at its highest pace in eight years, adding 7,500 new jobs last month; the largest one-month gain since November 2005.

Those looking for jobs at Thursday’s fair say the numbers make them feel better, but they’re still nervous.

“It fluctuates so much from year to year it’s really hard to tell whether one year is going to be better than the other, or if there with be an up turn or a down turn, so I’m hopefully optimistic,” says Jason Snyder

Lane recently announced their enrollment numbers are down, which Snyder says he views as a positive thing, assuming the numbers imply more people are finding jobs.

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