OR Senator Proposes Video Privacy Law

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A Springfield mother is surprised and excited to see a bill already being proposed to protect children from exploitation.

Chrystal Stutesman met with Oregon Senator Tim Knopp back in March regarding video voyeurism laws.

Stutesman’s 10-year-old daughter was allegedly secretly videotaped by neighbor, Dana Bishop, for more than a year. That charge is not a felony.

Monday, Senator Knopp introduced a bill increasing the penalty for spying on minors in places of privacy. The bill has already gained bi-partisan support from 14 co-sponsors.

Stutesman says she didn’t expect this to happen so quickly.

“When people say they will do something for you you hope that it will happen, but until you see it it’s kind of hard to know how long it will take and what will be done, so I was happy to have people say they would support me but I was waiting to see action and so this is nice to see something moving forward, ” said Stutesman, victim’s mother.

Stutesman says this situation has shown her that when you see a problem with the laws everyone should get involved and you might be amazed at how much progress can be made.

Bishops’ trial and the stalking order hearing are delayed until September.

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