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EUGENE, Ore. — A University of Oregon professor found a unique way to honor our veterans by using their own words.

The professor is compiling a oral history archive that documents the military experiences of men and women associated with the university.

Some are still active. Alex Dracobly spent the past year working on this archive, and so far there are 19 veterans featured.

This doesn’t just apply to combat veterans. There’s a musician who served in the Marine Corps Band and an electronics expert who served in Iraq but never left the base.

On the website you’ll find a written transcript of the interview along with an audio interview.

“I knew from what I teach. I teach a lot of military history. We had a lot of student veterans on campus and I simply wanted to get their experiences documented as part of the broader history of the university,” Dracobly said.

Dracobly hopes that in five to 10 years there will be several hundred interviews in this archive.

Visit the website here.

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  1. Janice Knori says:

    I wish I would have done this for my father in law. The stories he would tell of Korea. My father was in WWII and didn’t talk of the war. Thank you for doing this.

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