Oregon Bars Could Get New Restrictions

EUGENE, Ore. — New restrictions could soon be placed on patios at bars and taverns across Oregon.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is set to vote on some blanket restrictions on Thursday.

The rules would limit how late alcohol can be served and amplified music be played in outdoor seating areas.

This proposal surfaced because there are areas in cities across Oregon where bars are located in neighborhoods and the laughter and loud voices are keeping neighbors awake.

Right now amplified music is prohibited after midnight, but sales and service can continue until last call.

In the proposal, amplified music would have to end at 10 p.m. and sales and service would need to stop at 1 a.m. on the weekends and 11 p.m. on the weekdays.

A bartender at Horsehead Bar in Eugene told KEZI 9 News he isn’t fond of this proposal.

“Ridiculous. I can understand the OLCC having issues with businesses that are near residences or create a disturbance, but that is not the case here. But to pass a blanket rule change like that, I think, is counterproductive,” said Ty Connor, Horsehead bartender.

That bartender says this was also the first his business was hearing about this vote, as was a number of managers who called around town Tuesday.

This only applies to patios, not the actual bar itself. The OLCC is set to vote on the new rules Thursday. If passed, they would apply statewide.

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