Oregon Coast Homicide Suspect Named

REEDSPORT, Ore. — Investigators now have a primary suspect in last weekend’s Reedsport homicide.

That suspect is the same man accused of going on a violent crime spree this week in the San Francisco Bay area.

While the connection is still unclear, Wednesday afternoon the Douglas County Major Crimes Team announced it suspects that 30-year-old Jeffrey Boyce was involved in this past weekend’s murder.

Boyce was recently arrested in the San Francisco Bay area after allegedly carjacking two people in the area.

KEZI 9 News asked investigators what the connection is between the homicide investigation and the bay-area crime spree. But other than the fact that Boyce was now a suspect, they couldn’t comment.

The body found just south of Reedsport is still awaiting a positive ID from the medical examiner’s office.

Because Boyce was a North Bend resident, KEZI 9 News spoke with Coos county deputies who issued the welfare check on monday on behalf of Boyce’s mother. With her concern for his mental well-being and their discovery that he had a concealed handgun permit, they made sure those on the lookout were prepared.

“When someone’s not mentally capable there and they are around firearms, then there is some concern there. So that information was passed along in our attempt to locate,” said Sgt. Pat Downing, Coos County Sheriff’s Office.

KEZI 9 News did try to reach Boyce’s mother, but was unable to get a statement from her. Deputies said Boyce did not have any serious history with them.

Anyone with information regarding Boyce or the case in question is asked to contact the Oregon State Police.

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