Oregon Electric Station Has New Owners

3-18 Electric StationEUGENE, Ore. — The new co-owners of the Oregon Electric Station will be making some changes to the iconic restaurant.

The Ruggeri family will take over the operations of the restaurant. They’re working with the people who owns the building.

The restaurant will undergo renovation but honor the building’s historical roots.

“My commitment to this restaurant is the level of heart that my family would put into this,” said Raffaele Ruggeri, OES Co-Owner.

The OES will close by March 30 and then reopen in June.

The name is still in the works but will likely stay the Oregon Electric Station.

The Ruggeri family says they’re working with the employees and hope to retain as many employees that want to stay.

The new menu will have an Italian–Mediterranian flavor with affordable to high-end plates.

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  1. Greenhouse 9994 says:

    Please dont take the rail cars out.

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