Oregon Fugitive Arrested After 15 Years

DANIEL CHAFE 1DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. — A rape suspect who disappeared from Douglas County 15 years ago is back in custody.

Police in Montana captured 55-year-old Daniel Chafe two days ago in Bozeman.

Investigators say back in 1998 he faked his death in a fishing accident before he was due in court.

He was accused of raping two teenage girls. Police say other victims were identified afterwards.

Detectives say Chafe’s friend told officers he had fallen off a fishing boat on the Snake River, but a search never found his body, so investigators considered him a fugitive.

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  1. Dennis McMann says:

    Why can’t we spade and neuter sex offenders like we do with animals? The sad thing is the dogs and cats don’t rape teenagers…

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