Oregon Job Vacancies Difficult to Fill

6-18 job vacancies picEUGENE, Ore. — Nearly half of all of Oregon’s job vacancies are difficult to fill, that’s according to a new report released from the Oregon Employment Department.

In Eugene leaders at Express Employment Professionals say their numbers are in line with the new report.

They say it’s really a combination of factors that contribute to an employer’s ability to fill positions.

The two biggest reasons employers cited were lack of applicants and lack of qualified candidates.

The report said employers are looking for the right combination of education and experience.

Express leaders say employers are weighing experience and skill level over education.

“Our employers, they’re screening pretty heavily and so they see if they don’t have the experience how are they going to fit the mold of the position,” said Express Employment Director of Training and Development, Andrew Simila.

Leaders with Express say an applicant can have a degree, but the employer might consider another applicant who has more experience in the field, which can pose a challenge for recent graduates.

Express Employment has seen a decline in the number of applicants over the last month, but the number of employers seeking new employees is actually going up.


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  1. Dan says:

    Express Employment is a joke. Someone that’s highly qualified shouldn’t have to rely on a company to find work for them. I had tried using them before and got brought in for an interview only to be told I was not qualified for any type of manual labor.. Being a 22 yr old male, clean cut and in good shape I found that to be hilarious that there was no entry level job that I could prove myself at. I knew I was in trouble there when I went to shake the woman’s hand at my interview and she made a face and tried to tell me I was wearing too much cologne. I explained it must simply be my body wash that she picked up on, but of course that did not register. She then went on to belittle my work history, which was actually good for a 22 year old. I’m not sure where they find the people that run this place. It’s definitely ironic that they’re in charge of trying to find people jobs.

  2. jb says:

    You are a rare commodity in today’s Generation Y Dan. Good for you. Do some research and see what’s out there that interests you then go knock on some doors. Don’t just rely on the old online application. Persistence pays off.

  3. Marise says:

    The article writes: “The report said employers are looking for the right combination of education and experience”

    The “right” combination should actually be the “impossible” combination. In this recession and aftermath I have seen a lot of job descriptions that obviously combine what previously had been 2 or more discreet positions. While there are many amazing people who have extremely impressive and diverse skillsets, they are not the norm – and yeah, considering what most employers are offering to pay for those sets I am not surprised they find no applicants.

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