Oregon Jobless Rate Below 8 Percent

EUGENE, Ore. — For the first time since before the recession in 2008 Oregon’s jobless rate is below¬†8 percent.

Here in Lane County we’re sitting at right about¬†8 percent.

The most recent estimates show a gain of 2700 jobs.

Unemployment officials say that 7.8 percent for the state is a sign of slow economic recovery.

Even though it’s slow they say it’s positive growth.

Here are some of the areas we’re improving.

“Construction increased by 1600 over the month and that’s a really good number and it’s good to see construction come back because that’s one of the industries that lagged coming out of the recession,” said Brian Rooney, Employment Department Economist.

He says as the housing and construction industry bounces back they’re seeing an increase in wood product employment.

The next numbers for unemployment in Lane County come out Monday.

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