Oregon Knew of Rape Allegations March 9

EUGENE, Ore. In response to the rape allegations of three University of Oregon Men’s Basketball players, the university released a statement at 8:50pm Tuesday from Senior Director of Public Affairs Communications for the University of Oregon, Tobin Klinger.

The following is taken from an email to provide further information about the university’s response to the alleged incident: dotson artis austin 2

“The University of Oregon first learned of the allegations from the alleged victim’s father on March 9, as reported in the released police report.Upon receiving information such as this, the university’s procedures are to immediately provide services and support.Prior to the NCAA Tournament, the Eugene Police Department told the university that if it took investigative or administrative action, it would jeopardize the integrity of the criminal investigation and, therefore, requested that the university not take action at that time. The university received the police report on April 24, after the criminal investigation was complete and the District Attorney declined to prosecute. Due to Federal privacy laws, the university cannot provide further details regarding its actions at this time.”

An EPD spokeswoman confirmed to KEZI 9 News that police asked the UO to pause any administrative action until after the criminal investigation. EPD says the criminal investigation wrapped on April 8. The case was then forwarded to the Lane County District Attorney’s Office. EPD also informed the UO shortly after completing the criminal investigation, however the spokeswoman did not specify the exact date the information was forwarded to the UO.

As of Tuesday, May 6, none of the three student-athletes accused in the incident have been charged with a crime. We will continue to follow this story as it develops.



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