Oregon Man Accused of Crime Spree

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — An Oregon man that went on a crime spree in the San Francisco Bay area may be linked to a homicide along the Oregon coast.

The Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety in the San Francisco Bay area arrested Jeffrey Boyce, of North Bend, Monday night. The department says Boyce carjacked two people in the span of a couple of hours, both of the victims got away.

Public safety officers says Boyce pulled a gun on a man when he got in his car and demanded the victim drive him to the nearest church. They drove to St. Elizabeth Seton and discovered no one was there and then drove back.

The victim managed to get away and that’s when investigators say Boyce attempted to carjack another woman, Tina Humphrey. Humphrey escaped and officers arrested Boyce a short time later.

Humphrey recalls how she kept the man from shooting her.

“Just keep him calm and I kept my voice low and my main focus was trying to keep my hands from shaking so that he wouldn’t so he wouldn’t think I was nervous or scared of him,” Humphrey said.

Officers say they seized rifles and a large stock of ammo in Boyce’s possession. They say Boyce’s mother told them her son is mentally ill.
A San Francisco news station reported that police are looking at whether Boyce is connected to a homicide on the Oregon coast over the weekend.

Oregon State Police confirm they have identified a suspect in that murder, and that the suspect is in California and was taken into custody last night.

OSP would not confirm if the suspect in the homicide investigation was Jeffery Boyce.

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  1. Postone says:

    “so that he wouldn’t so he wouldn’t think ”

    Don’t you journalists proof read your work before you hit Send? Or edit?

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