Oregon Moms Take Home Placenta

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EUGENE, Ore. — As of January 1, Oregon mothers are now legally able to take home their placentas, but the new Oregon law has some folks wondering, why.

The placenta is the organ that provides a baby nourishment in the womb. And in some cultures, it holds great meaning. For instance, the Navajo and other native tribes bury it ceremonially.

But while some moms keep it for tradition, others may want to eat it–a practice called maternal placentophagy.

Eating your own placenta may seem strange. But those who support the idea say you should be surprised by something else.

“We are the only mammals that don’t do it on a regular basis. So I think when we look at our wild creatures and how they bounce back from birth, that’ll give us a clue,” said Felicia Colden, Sol Botanicals Owner.

Colden is one of a few business owners in town who offer to put placenta into pill form that moms can take as needed. The cost is about $100.

She says the practice possibly goes back thousands of years to the Chinese. And with recent promotion from the likes of celebrities like Mad Men star January Jones, the new law isn’t too surprising.

What started out as cubicle chatter for new mom Sarah Gonzalez, became a reality.

“My boss was kind of joking about somebody eating their placenta,” Gonzalez. “I just started looking into it and thought all other mammals do it. There must be something to it…it just seemed like a no brainer to me. Why not?”

Charlie is now about two months, and Gonzalez says the regimen is helping.

“It’s full of nutrients and everything that nourished your baby the entire nine months. Why wouldn’t you want to put that back in your body and give it to him again,” Gonzalez said. “I felt amazing. My energy level seemed to be great. I haven’t felt sad or down.”

Staff at Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend say they have actually been doing this for some time, but it’s not a frequent occurrence, maybe once a month. But they expect it to become more common with the new

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