Oregon Obesity Rates Increase

By Nha Nguyen

EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon Health Authority says the obesity epidemic is getting worse in our state.

A recent study says obesity rates jumped 121 percent among adults since 1990.

Researchers blame lack of physical activity and poor nutrition.

Local organizations say it’s a tough issue to fight despite growing awareness.

“We are seeing more organizations responding to the issue, but that by definition means we’re behind. The problem has to exist, and then we respond to it. The other issue is that we’re being outspent at a rate that we can’t possibly catch up to, by an industry that profits hugely from marketing unhealthful foods and beverages,” said Laurie Trieger, Executive Director of Lane Coalition for Healthy Active Youth.

Trieger says the best way to deal with the epidemic is prevention by teaching good lifestyle habits to our children.

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