Oregon Pedestrian Death Toll Growing

EUGENE, Ore. — As of Monday, pedestrian deaths across the state total 48 this year, according to ODOT.

The 2011 death toll was 47. ODOT is concerned that this year’s number has already beat last year’s when we still have two months left in the year.

“There’s distractions, there’s alcohol use, there’s disregarding the rules of the road on the part of really both drivers and pedestrians. It’s really important that both drivers and pedestrians take responsibility for being safe,” said Don Hamilton, ODOT spokesman.

The year 2009 saw a record number of pedestrian deaths. That’s when more than 60 pedestrians were killed.

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  1. Brent says:

    I live in Roseburg, work at the VA Hospital. One of the biggest things I have noticed while riding my bicycle, which is my means of transportation is:

    When drivers come from a parking lot, side road and related areas, they will only look towards oncoming traffic. They never look in both directions to ensure they are clear for pedestrians. Mind you this occurs when they intend to travel in the same direction as the oncoming traffic. When I see that they have no intention of looking my direction I will stop until they have entered traffic. Once that has happened then they see me waiting there and are surprised. Had I kept going they would have run over me.

    Another terrible thing is the white walking guy, they could (for the most part) care less about that. When crossing an intersection from a red light I ensure I have eye contact with the turning vehicle. Even then they will take off while the white man is lit and start yelling at me as if I were the one in the wrong. Interesting. I’m 64 years old .

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