Oregon Ranks as Least Corrupt State

8-25 corruptionsEUGENE, Ore. — Oregon is the least corrupt state in the country at least according to a new study that looks at waste, fraud, and abuse among public employees.

The study, conducted by scientists at Indiana University and City University of Hong Kong, found that Oregon had 1.28 corruption convictions per hundred thousand public employees, the least in the country.

Officials say one of the big reasons is the state’s campaign finance disclosure laws, which local elections officials say are treated very seriously.

According to the study the most corrupt states are Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee.


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  1. Johova says:

    Hah, more like Oregon is the easiest sate to get away with corruption. A low conviction rate doesn’t mean there’s less corruption. This is just BS propaganda. Get Kitty Piercy and all her goons out then maybe start talking about being less corrupt.

  2. ahshucks says:

    I find this article hard to believe.

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