Oregon School Report Cards Released

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EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon’s 2013 state report cards are out for state school districts, and they look a bit different this year.

The new state report cards are larger and more detailed than previous years.

District administrators say there are a number of new parts parents have never seen before, part of a new grading system for the state.

As you flip through the pages of your school report card this year, it first starts with a new rating system.

“Are they at level one, two, three, four or five? They show where the state average is. So for example here we’re looking at a report card for the Arts and Technology Academy. It shows it’s a level four school; it’s above the state average,” said Kerry Delf, 4J School District Spokeswoman.

Delf says this year the state report card also includes a breakdown of demographics of students and staff. Plus, there is a more in-depth look at how the schools compare to each other.

Delf says the district as a whole is seeing improvement and most schools perform about average. But one school–River Road El Camino Del Rio Elementary–received a three out of five, meaning it still needs to see some improvement.

“They’re still not up to the level we’d like them to be eventually, but they have made great strides,” Delf said.

Graduation rates, Delf says, are always something the districts can work on.

“Our graduation rates are not as high as we would like. That’s true across the state or Oregon. And everybody wants to increase graduation. But something we’re really focusing on is helping ensure our first-year students when they start high school that they get off to the right start,” Delf said.

“Overall we have one model school here–Centennial Elementary–and that means it’s of all of our Title I schools, one of 27 in the state in the top 5 percent. And our other schools all fall within the average category. And we don’t have any priority or focus schools here in Springfield,” said Devon Ashbridge, Springfield Schools Spokeswoman.

Ashbridge says some of the schools in their district are seeing considerable improvement.

“From 2011 and 2012 up to last school year, we actually had nine of our 12 elementary schools move up a level in the state report card,” Ashbridge said.

Ashbridge says while the new report card is helpful for parents they’re always prepared for questions.

“We’ll be working to make sure that our parents and our families understand what the new report card is telling them and how to really look at it from the perspective of its impact on their children,” Ashbridge said.

Bethel School District administrators say they’re making improvements. They’re particularly proud of Willamette High School’s growth this year, and they’re working on making changes to better meet the higher standards the state is requiring.

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