Oregon Secretary of State Visits UO

3-12 KATE BROWN (FIXED)EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon’s Secretary of State thinks there are some major issues facing our nation’s voting system, and that was the focus of her visit to the University of Oregon School of Law on Wednesday.

Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown says she wanted to talk to law students who might have a stronger hand in changing and defending voting laws in the future.

She says the new voter ID laws in places like North Carolina restrict voting access to minorities and low-income individuals. Brown says in Oregon, lawmakers have worked hard to grant voting access to all citizens, and they’re even brainstorming about the future.

“Young people are doing everything online, so I think it’s really important that we study this issue and take a look at how we can make sure that online voting would be secure,” Brown said.

Brown says online voting is inevitable, but she doesn’t think it’ll happen while she’s still secretary of state.

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