Oregon Senate Approves PERS Cut

SALEM, Ore. — The Oregon Senate passed a bill Thursday that would cut pension benefits for retired government workers.

It passed with a 16 to 13 vote and now heads to the House for a vote.

This bill reduces the cost of living increases, or COLA, for retirees who earn more than $20,000 a year. The measure would also delay taxpayer contributions into future budget cycles and stop reimbursing out-of-state retirees.

Some lawmakers say the deductions would save local and state governments over $800 million in the next two years–money that would instead go to new education resources.

A retired government worker in Eugene told KEZI 9 News the PERS system shouldn’t be targeted to help fund schools.

“It’s unfair to hit retirees–people after they retire who retire on a certain understanding that this was built into their retirement,” said retired government worker Bart Lewis.

Senators in favor of the bill say asking workers to sacrifice their benefits isn’t easy but needs to be done to reinvest in our local schools.


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  1. jason marks says:

    the times are changing. get use to it. the free ride is coming to an end.

  2. JC says:

    Get used to it nothing, there’s been no free ride, Jason. We get paid about 75% of what the same jobs pay in the private sector (unless of course you’re a Football Coach!) and work as a public service for that lesser funding, with the understanding that we will receive what was promised. The state has cut higher education funding by 50% in the last ten years (I should know, I work in the budget office) and now wants to complain that tuition is too high, student debt is too high, and PERS retirees are the source of all the governor’s problems? I propose you start cutting the free health care that people MOVE TO OREGON TO RECEIVE, as well as all the free welfare perks (watching people buy junk groceries with the Trail Card and whipping out a bundle of 20’s to pay for their lottery tickets)…then you may have something regarding the “free ride” coming to an end….

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