Oregon Senator Joins Filibuster

WASHINGTON — Senator Wyden was the only democrat to back Senator Paul during the filibuster.

He used Wednesday’s hearing to talk about his concerns over the drone program and government policies.

“Senator Wyden went to the Senate floor yesterday during Senator Paul’s filibuster to make an important point–that the issue of American security and American freedoms does not get enough discussion in the Senate,” said

Despite his concerns, Senator Wyden did vote for John Brennan as CIA director, but Wyden isn’t the only Oregonian who is expressing concerns about the administration’s drone program. Several people KEZI 9 news spoke with said they were uncomfortable with the program as well.

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  1. Larry says:

    Thank you Senator Wyden for having the fore thought and the Back Bone to question and hopefully appose This one more action of taking our, and your right’s to privacy and freedom. In the Name of What and for What.

    Larry Holder,

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