Medical Supplies Sent to Ethiopia

EUGENE, Ore. — A local effort is making a big impact on the other side of the world. Medical supplies that were donated from hospitals all over Oregon were loaded up Monday to be shipped out.

The loading dock at Lile North American Moving and Storage was busy Monday; volunteers helped load up containers with the medical equipment to send to Ethiopia.

The shipping of medical equipment is all part of a project by Holt International Children’s Services. What started off as a renovation to a small clinic, has now led to the building of an entire hospital.

Holt International has been working with the Eugene Delta Rotary to gather medical equipment to install in the hospital once it’s done.

“This equipment for an emerging country is very, very good working equipment that is free to them once we get it there,” said Beth Sheehan, Eugene Delta Rotary President.

Some of the items donated include hospital beds, x-ray machines, wheelchairs and much more.

Holt International says it will take about two months for the equipment to arrive in Ethiopia. They expect the surgical unit to be up and running by the early part of 2014.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I have people in the Eugene/Springfield area who are my patients who battle with insurance companies (and usually lose) who need hospital beds and wheel chairs. Why are we sending these supplies out of the United States?? With the number of people HERE in need, I find this baffling.

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