Update: Psychiatric Patient Found Safe

3-29 MISSING SALEM MANUPDATE (March 31) — OSP says the Oregon State Hospital psychiatric patient Gregory Page is now back in care of OSH staff. They say he was brought to to Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis Sunday afternoon after local medics responded to a park on a medical call.

UPDATE — Police say they found personal property belonging to Gregory Page at a Corvallis Safeway store on Sunday. Police still haven’t located Page.

SALEM, Ore. — Police are searching for a man they say went missing from the Oregon State Hospital Saturday morning.

Hospital employees say 60-year-old Gregory Page is a psychiatric patient at the Salem hospital. He was admitted to the hospital in 1994 as a commitment from Lane County. Page was deemed Guilty Except for Insanity for attempted murder.

Page has been living in a group home for patients who receive treatment, but who don’t need to live within the secure perimeter of a state hospital. He was last seen at a Denny’s in Salem Saturday morning, about an hour after he was reported missing.

The hospital says he’s not considered dangerous. If you see him, call police.

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