Oregon Strongman 13th in Nationals

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A few weeks ago we introduced you to Oregon’s strongest man who was getting ready to compete in the North American Strongman National Championships.

The Springfield native just arrived home after placing 13th overall out of 170 competitors from all over the country. He holds the strong man title in five states and says he was the second strongest deadlifter at the contest.

He slipped a bit on the first day, but made the biggest comeback from 31st to 13th.

“Winning isn’t what’s important because it’s starting to become more like a job. I dedicated the second day to just competing because I like lifting weights and picking up heavy things. I just had fun and made a big comeback,” said Will Dinwiddie, Oregon’s Strongest Man.

Right now he plans to focus on family and businesses, but continue his weight lifting as what is always has been his ultimate hobby.

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