Oregon Truffle Festival in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon Truffle Festival will likely be intoxicating and enticing more than 1,000 from all over the world right here in Eugene. The three day festival is in it’s eighth year and truffle enthusiasts say it’s an extremely rare experience. The Oregon black truffle is unique to all the world and within the walls of the downtown Hilton starting Friday you can test its magic.

Staff have been working tirelessly, carefully getting to know the scent and ripeness of each unique truffle. They’ll will be used in an array of tastings and a five course dinner on Saturday. The aromas and flavors are so varied, they can resemble anything from a savory cheese to a fruity pineapple, so both the black and white oregon truffles can be used in dinners or desserts. There are also a number of truffle workshops this weekend that cover growing, foraging, and preparing.

“It takes over your senses, and to be able to pair truffles with different food and different wines and be able to share that with people, thisis our way of really showing people around the world that the Oregon truffle is ranking worldwide,” said Robin Jackson, a Wild Foods Seminar Chef

There’s also a truffle dog training seminar where select owners and their dogs can learn how to sniff their way to truffle treasures. Many in the industry say using trained dogs has become the most sustainable way to find truffles.

Although most of the events are already sold out — like the grand dinner and the k-9 truffle training — on Sunday there will be an open market that the public is invited to.

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