Oregon Truffle Festival

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EUGENE Ore. — You don’t have to go to France to search for the world’s best truffles – the Willamette Valley will do just fine.

This weekend the Oregon Truffle Festival is showcasing the flavors of some of those locally grown truffles at the Downtown Eugene Hilton.

Organizers say despite the long history of truffle research, a lot of the industry is young and undiscovered.

They also say the aromas and flavors are quite varied.

There are elements of a traditional mushroom flavor there,” said Culinary Director Charlie Ruff, “but they tend to have very distinct different flavors in their spectrum. The Oregon White Truffles tend to have really fascinating garlicky, shallotty, oniony notes in them.”

There is an open truffle and wine tasting Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cost is $15.

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