Oregon Unveils New Child Welfare Model

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Oregon Department of Human Services is making some changes that should help reduce the number of kids in foster care. And Lane County is one of the first in the state to implement the new system.

The new plan includes helping families pay for things like housing, alcohol and drug rehab, even parenting classes. The goal is to give families the support they need rather than taking the kids out of the home.

“Those families we want to be able to approach in a way so they are able to drive the identification of services that they need and then really help them get to those services,” said Lois Day, DHS Child Welfare Director. “And in many instances help them get there without opening a case with the child welfare system.”

Lane County along with Lake and Klamath counties are the first three counties to start this before it’s implemented statewide.

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  1. Matt M (Dude Where's My Freedom) says:

    Translation: While the state continues to cry poverty, more and more of your tax dollars will be spent on enabling meth addicts to keep their children. Meanwhile they’re going to continue to cut police, fire, libraries, if you don’t give in to their ever-constant demands for higher taxes.

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