Oregon Wildfire Update

Douglas Complex Fire

Thirteen large wildfires continue to burn in Douglas and Josephine counties. More than 3,000 fire personnel are working to fight the fires that are continuing to grow.

Douglas Complex
The Douglas Complex fires continue to burn in Douglas and Josephine counties. The fire is made up of four branches: the Milo fire, Rabbit Mountain fire, Dad’s Creek fire, and Farmer’s fire. The complex of fires has burned 21,400 acres and is only 5 percent contained.

Two minor injuries have been reported and two outbuildings have been destroyed. In Josephine County, approximately 30 homes are being threatened by the flames.

Evacuations are still in effect for Reuben Road, Mt. Reuben Road and McCullough Creek Road in Douglas County. Josephine County is also continuing evacuations for Poorman Creek, Lower Graves Creek Road, Graves Creek Road and Lower Wolf Creek.

An additional three hundred sixty five residences are considered threatened. This means evacuations could be necessary at some point in the future. Any official evacuation orders would be issued by the Douglas County or Josephine County Sheriff’s Offices.

Whiskey Complex
The Whiskey Complex fires continues to burn Tiller. The complex is made up of four fires, the Whiskey fire, The Big Brother fire, the Buckeye fire and the Smith Ridge fire. The complex of fires has burned a combined 3,945 acres and was 10 percent contained as of Wednesday.

The Buckeye fire has caused the evacuation of five residences in Ash Valley.

Brimstone Fire
The Brimstone fire has burned 1,600 acres near Sunny Valley. The fire was 10 percent contained Wednesday morning.

Big Windy Complex
The Big Wind Complex fires continues to burn 25 miles to the northwest of Grants Pass. The complex is made up of the Big Windy Fire, the Calvert Peak fire, and the Jenny fire. The fires have burned a total of 2,914 acres and are 0 percent contained.

Labrador Fire
The Labrador fire continues to burn near Oak Flat, near the Illinois River. The fire has burned 1,750 acres and was 0 percent contained Wednesday morning. An advisory evacuation remains in place for residences in Oak Flat.

More information on the fires and the number of crews working on each, click here.

Photo courtesy of InciWeb.

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