Oregon’s Brewery Business Booming

beerEUGENE, Ore. — All it takes is a drive through the Whiteaker neighborhood to see that the beer business is booming in Oregon.

That was also the findings of a new report by the Oregon Employment Department.

Oakshire Brewing says during the past year its business has grown by about 40 percent. Last year, the brewing company opened a tasting room in the Whiteaker area. As the popularity over local beer grew, it hired additional workers to keep up with the demand.

“We are up to 26 full-time and one part-time person now, and that’s grown from just myself and my brother here in this brewery,” said Jeff Althouse, Oakshire Brewing Founder.

He says Eugene is one of the best places to open a brewery, like Oakshire, because there’s access to fresh hops, great water, and everyone loves locally-made products.

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