Organizations Tour Disability Services

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EUGENE, Ore. — Organizations from around the globe are traveling to Eugene to see how the city makes its areas accessible for people with disabilities.

Organizers say Eugene is a perfect host because it has so many services available for those with disabilities. They’ll be looking at computers designed for the visually impaired at the Eugene Public Library along with accessibility ramps and lifts at the LTD bus station downtown.

It’s all part of an exchange program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. Organizers plan on taking the ideas they see in Eugene and implementing them in their own countries.

“We have an independent living center, LILA,¬†and we have a public transportation system that’s accessible, LTD, along with the City of Eugene Adaptive Recreation Program. There are so many things that make Eugene such a great place for people with disabilities to be included in society,” said Jamie Rivas, Mobility International U.S.A. Program Specialist.

Representatives from 38 organizations from 19 different countries will be exploring the city this week.

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