Oscars Watch Party at The Loft

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EUGENE, Ore. — People strolled into The Loft at The Turtles Bar and Grill in their finest suits and dresses to watch the 86th Academy Awards.

Viewers say being able to dress up and walk down a red carpet to watch the awards show makes them feel like they’re part of the event.

From the outside, it looks like a quiet spot for a nice meal or maybe a cocktail. But on Sunday, what was sticking out underneath the front doors was just a hint of what was going on inside. Customers came to enjoy a meal, have some drinks, and take part in Oscar Sunday.

“I always have to watch the Oscars,” said Eugene resident Kristin Bartus.

People came dressed to the nines, saying it made them feel like stars, as they, too, strutted down the red carpet.

“It’s kind of the dream. I’ve been watching the Oscars since I was a kid and love the whole dressing up aspect, and, you know, we don’t get a lot of opportunities around here,” said Bartus.

“I ran around trying to figure out what I was going to wear for the first half of the day, but, yeah, it was really nice to be able to have a place to come out to,” said Eugene resident Erin Morang.

“It’s fun to be able to dress up and come to a themed party,” said Morang’s friend Andy Wilson.

This is the first year The Loft had an Academy Awards watch party. Owner Kate Boney says she watched it alone last year and decided to shake it up this year.

“I love them. I love all the fashion and pomp and circumstance, and this year I said I want to celebrate with my friends, so I decided to invite Eugene,” said Boney.

Like Boney, customers also enjoyed seeing who was wearing what.

“I’m a fashion junky, so I have to watch the red carpet. I love all the dresses,” said Bartus.

Although the red carpet and trophies may not be around in the morning, at least for Oscar Sunday the star spirit made its way through the front doors.

“It’s the closest thing we’re going to get in Eugene to the red carpet affair,” said Bartus.

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