OSP Captures Escaped Inmate & 6 Others

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon State Police and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Mill Creek Correctional Facility escapee and six others Tuesday night.

Troopers say around 9:30 p.m., OSP and Marion County deputies were following up on possible leads to locate Mill Creek Correctional Facility inmates Darly Manuel Hernandez, 34, and Franco Armando Moreno, 25. Both inmates escaped from custody July 18, 2013.

An anonymous tip troopers and deputies to 742 Norman Ave. They found Hernandez at the home and took him into custody. Six additional people were taken into custody who had outstanding warrants or in violation of parole.

Barbra Denise Hernandez, 26, had an outstanding warrant for her arrest on harassment charges; Jonathan David Morrow, 28, had an outstanding warrant for his arrest on disorderly conduct charges; Arron Jacob Olemun, 28, had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for a parole violation; James M. Zenar, 26, was arrested for parole violation; Michael Zuniga, 27, was arrested for parole violation, and Rogelio A. Alfaro, 30, had a warrant out for his arrest on assault charges.

All seven individuals were taken to the Marion County Jail.

Escaped inmate Moreno has not been located. Anyone with information should contact OSP at (503) 378-3720

Photo courtesy of Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

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