OSP Changes Technology System

MEDFORD, Ore. — Oregon State Police has upgraded to a new system, changing the way troopers and dispatchers respond to calls.

OSP was using a system that was nearly two decades old. This new technology system is designed specifically for law enforcement agencies the program is making the work faster and more accurate for both troopers and dispatchers.

The program is called IBOTT (Integrated Business Operations and Technology Transformation) OSP’s previous system was at least 20-years-old. The new software can show dispatchers graphically where each troopers are located. If there’s a car accident on Interstate 5, spatially the dispatcher can call out a trooper to respond.

For troopers on the road, the program enables them to run someone’s license plate and create a profile, their personal information and priors from different agencies. When it comes to traffic stops on random vehicles having more information ahead of time allows them to be safer.

“Former days, we had to do it through dispatch, more laborious for dispatch and communicating that to us. It’s just nice to have that on the computer and we can do so much work out here,” said Oregon State Police Senior Trooper Bill Matson.

Another capability, the system can now translate “computer” languages with other agencies. So, if OSP wants to send a ticket to the courts, it can transfer it over without glitches.

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