OSP Investigates EPD Employees

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EUGENE, Ore. – New details are being released in the investigation of three Eugene Police Department employees, dating back to March 15.

Oregon State Police seized a number of potentially incriminating items that two employees allegedly kept in their desks.

According to an affidavit filed in Lane County Circuit Court, detectives found a number of incriminating items in the lockers and work spaces of property control specialists Melodey Runey and Melvin Blank. Runey and administrative specialist Christine Chudzik are being investigated by OSP for tampering with evidence in 2011.

According to the court documents, there were several coins, jewelry and other items found in Runey’s cubicle and locker. Several dozen DVDs containing pornography were found in Blank’s desk area.

Investigators are trying to determine whether or not Blank used computers at work to copy porn and whether he stole any commercially produced pornographic DVD’s from the evidence vault.

The investigation by OSP is still ongoing.

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