OSP Responding to Crashes

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EUGENE, Ore. — When you combine snow which fell all day, and now the freezing rain it makes for really dangerous driving conditions.

It’s been another day of crashes around the Willamette Valley, one car lost control on North Game Farm Road and slid off into a ditch.

Oregon State police say it happened around 7 p.m. Friday night.

They say it appears the driver didn’t have traction tires or chains, and he was taken to the hospital after suffering from back and neck pain.

Oregon State Police say they’ve been responding to calls like this non-stop.

“Most of them are slide off crashes, or where semi-trucks are slowing down on a curve or something like that and they’ll slide into each other,” said Trooper Cale Day, Oregon State Police.

Oregon State Police say if you have to drive, drive slow and make sure you have chains or traction tires.

As for how much snow we’ve actually seen Eugene got nine inches in the¬†last two days, that’s the most for the month of February — in 21 years.

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