OSP Responds to 50 Crashes

Oregon State Police responded to about 50 crashes Friday morning, all within a four-hour period. Troopers blame icy roads and fog.

“It was just basically one crash after the other,” said Trooper Tiffany Lynn.

Lynn and her shift-mates were busy Friday morning, she says, thanks to black ice, fog, and low visibility.

Albany troopers responded to 11 different icy crashes, and Salem troopers took care of another 16 weather-related crashes all on a short stretch of I-5.

Trooper Lynn says seeing half-a-hundred crashes in just four hours is way above what they were expecting, but she says the weather will do that.

“Anytime they put pressure on their brakes, they were just all over the road. Very scary,” Lynn said.

Black ice is always one of the more dangerous winter road monsters because you can’t even see it, and troopers say adding fog into the mix didn’t make things any easier for Friday’s early morning commuters.

Even though most of Friday morning’s crashes were non-injury crashes, OSP wants to urge drivers to keep weather conditions in mind while driving, and always check your most up-to-date road conditions at tripcheck.com.

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  1. jason marks says:


    “Anytime they put pressure on their breaks, they were just all over the road. Very scary,” Lynn said.

    breaks? no its not lunch time.


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